Tuvuke! A better Kenya for all


Dr. Mutunga officially launched the initiative at a colourful ceremony also attended by civil society groups and media.

The consortium is led by Kenya Women Holding under the stewardship of Dr. Jenifer Riria. Other members of the consortium are Centre for Conflict Resolution – Kenya (CCR), Inform-Action (IFA), SmartCitizens, Kenya Land Alliance (KLA), Women Empowerment Link (WEL), the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), MAVUNO Church, Centre for Rights and Education Awareness (CREAW), the Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK), African Women and Child Feature Service (AWC), Twaweza Communications, Go-Sheng, MEW, MUHURI, Ujamaa and supported by the Ford Foundation.

The consortium believes that through inclusive politics and active engagement of citizens, all Kenyans can contribute in creating a nation where all citizens participate fully in determining the nation’s destiny.

The message is simple: Tuvuke is a call on Kenyans to take individual and collective responsibility in ensuring that the nation makes a peaceful ‘transition’ during the forthcoming elections. The consortium is calling on Kenyans to articulate the ‘NIMEJIANDIKISHA…’ (Kiswahili for, I have registered) philosophy towards free, fair and peaceful elections by becoming active participants in the electoral process.

“This responsibility cannot be undertaken by others on our behalf: it is our personal responsibility. ‘NIMEJIANDIKISHA …’ is not an empty slogan; it is a conscious and deep-rooted statement of commitment to the transformation of our nation,” the consortium urges.

Ms Lilian is AMWIK’s Programme Officer

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