Promoting Women’s Engagement

Promoting Women’s Engagement in County Governance
Target areas: Isiolo and Kwale
Donor: Diakonia Sweden
Duration: June 2013 – December 2014

The Promoting Women’s Engagement in County Governance project supported by Diakonia Sweden sought to empower to actively participate in the county governance. AMWIK worked with 10 community groups, mainly women and youth groups drawn from Isiolo South, Matuga and Kinango Constituencies.

Five groups from Kwale namely Kinango Youth for Change, Lamkani Mwavumbo Group, Kawia Ufike Women Group, Chain of Change and Kwale Human Rights Youth Group comprised 78 males and 51 females, with three members living with HIV/AIDs.

In Isiolo, the groups namely Guyasa CBO, Ires Dhulo farmers group, Quitee Women Group, Malkan Bisan Ardhi Cultural Village and Tokuma Women’s Group based in Garbatulla comprised 32 males and 89 females with six people living with disability.

Success story: Mumina Halkano Appointed Ward Administrator Garbatulla Ward Isiolo County

Mumina Halkano the Chairlady of Tokuma Women’s group had always wanted to be a leader. In 2008, together with other women from Garbatulla, joined forces and formed the Consortium to address economic challenges affecting women in the area. They started a merry go round and started selling vegetables as well as merry-go-round. In 2010 she was elected the chairlady of the 35-member group, a position she holds to date.

AMWIK partnered with Tokuma Women’s group in 2012 in the first phase of this project, dubbed ‘Mwongozo mpya’ that sought to increase women’s political participation at the county level. Of particular concern were patriarchal issues that hinder the society from electing women leaders.

Tokuma women group under the leadership of Mumina actively participated in AMWIK trainings as a radio facilitator. After undergoing AMWIK trainings in 2012 that emphasized the gains of women in the Constitution and leadership opportunities for women, and further on how to moderate community radio listening sessions, Mumina applied for the position of Ward administrator in 2013 and was shortlisted as the only woman among seven men including, her husband Hussein.

After much lobbying from the women, the Governor of Isiolo County, Hon Godana Doyo appointed Mumina Halkano Gobbo as the Ward Administrator of Garbatulla ward.

“I am grateful to AMWIK for the support they have given to me and mostly to the women in Garbatulla. Information truly is power. The women lobbied for me because they understood the importance of women in leadership. Their collective action is testimony that women, if given knowledge can achieve their intended purposes. I will use this new position to encourage more women to participate in the development of their communities and will emphasize the need for education especially for the girls and women” said Mumina Halkano.

Mumina Facilitating a radio listening session with Tokuma Women's group

Mumina Facilitating a radio listening session with Tokuma Women’s group