Shujaas are heroes whose actions and sacrifices have changed the course of history positively and defined the future we live in today. These individuals continue to inspire generations into awakening Kenyan self-pride.

That is what we felt about our former chairpersons, whose valuable contribution and impact has made us who we are today. As the country celebrated its heroes on Mashujaa day on 20th October, AMWIK too paid its respects and homage to them by solemnly commemorating their participation.

Through designs disseminated across social media channels, the association launched a “Mashujaa wa AMWIK’ campaign that contained messages from the former chairpersons during their tenure. AMWIK has had 6 chairpersons so far. They expressed much joy in the roles they played in advancing the agenda of AMWIK and offered their unwavering support for the organization.

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