FK Exchange Programme comes to a close after 10-year run

The FK exchange programme has seen around 100 media women participate over the ten year period. The Deputy Director General intimated of changes in the next phase of the program set to start in 2013. The Media Women Associations (MWAs) network program formally closes in January 2013 after a home coming meeting to be held in Johannesburg.

In the meeting were the Executive Directors Ms. Ananilea Nkya (TAMWA), Ms Jane Wambui Thuo (AMWIK), Margaret Sentamu (UMWA), Dr Manju Mishra(CJMC) and Pauline Sogiso(ZAMWA). On behalf of the team, Ms Margaret Sentamu appreciated the support of FK over the decade and gave insights into the tremendous benefits derived by the participants in their professional and personal growth and also the partner organisations.

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AMWIK keeps date with Shangilia children’s home

AMWIK organizes annual visits by members to the home and members donate various items which are normally given as a wish-list in advance by the home.

During this year’s visit, the AMWIK team was led by Welfare Committee chairperson Liz Opudo and Programmes Manager Lilian Juma. The team donated various items including, shoes, metal boxes, clothes and foodstuff and money, all donated by AMWIK members and the secretariat.

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AMWIK “breaks the ice” with women candidates

AMWIK invited media bureau chiefs from Eastern and Coast provinces and other journalists to interact and device ways of working with women aspirants.

During the sessions, it was evident that women political aspirants needed publicity. Amina Abdalla, who is vying for the Kisauni MP seat shared her “not so rosy” encounter with the media. Amina said she has had a rough experience with the media after she sued a certain local media house for defamation.

“The media can make or break you. I was once misquoted over a drugs scandal and I took them to court for defamation. Since then, whenever I call the media for a function, they never show up. It seems like they have given me a blackout,” says Amina.

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Tuvuke! A better Kenya for all

Among these are 17 civil society organizations that have launched a national initiative dubbed Tuvuke! whose overall objective is to promote peaceful, fair and democratic electoral process in Kenya by fostering a culture of peace, entrenching broad political participation and advocating for acceptance and diversity.

The Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga who launched the initiative rhetorically posed the question: What is Tuvuke? He said that Tuvuke was not just an empty slogan but a conscious and deep rooted statement by Kenyans on their aspirations.

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Kenya National Integrated Civic Education Programme (K-NICE) Launched

“Civic education is essential in creating the necessary civic awareness, reorienting the national psyche for the new dispensation and engendering robust public engagement in the implementation process,” Musalia said.

“Let us use this opportunity to eliminate propaganda and negative ethnicity in elections. Civic education is critical in facilitating fundamental national transformation, legal and institutional reforms, Musalia added.

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AMWIK Opens Production Studio

amwik production studio 2

AMWIK has set up an audio production studio. The studio housed at the AMWIK offices will be instrumental in the production of radio programmes for the association’s community radio listening groups.

The studio will also be open for hire to groups and individuals seeking recording services ranging from audio features, radio spots and documentaries among others at affordable rates.

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Women, it’s time to rise up to the challenge!

By Benard Ogoi

Women’s participation in the development of society continues to face a huge imbalance world over.

Here in Kenya, women still face many challenges especially at the grassroots level where different communities are deeply rooted in varied beliefs. Some of the beliefs have been used repeatedly to propagate patriarchy and in the end stalled their efforts to participate in decision making.

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