The Letters


I wish to say thank you to AMWIK organization for the initiative you have been taking in empowering women in leadership. This is especially during the campaign period in 2013 when you profiled women candidates to increase their publicity. Congratulations also for identifying a unique issue that really affects Continue Reading

Thank You AMWIK!!

My name is Sarah Nyanjui, from Maiella. I am the computer tutor in AMWIK Maiella resource center. I have closely worked with you for the last four months. I would like to appreciate the great work that AMWIK has done to Maiella community at large. First, you have greatly Continue Reading

Media mother!

I give my sincerest thanks to Sylvia Machini, the chair of AMWIK, for urging me to join AMWIK way back in 2008. I’ve never regretted it and to date, I feel as though AMWIK is our ‘media mother’, nurturer, career and supporter in this tough world of mass media…  Continue Reading