Campaign to revive reading for fun in schools launched

By Dorothy Nakaweesi

Gone are the days, when reading was so critical for pre-school learning and childhood development.

The reason behind this was to teach the young generation how to read, widen their thinking and make them confident in expressing themselves when relating with people.

Heartrending, today the challenge is that many children would rather play a video game or watch television than read a book.

In trying to get back to the reading culture, here in Kenya a campaign championed by the Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) an umbrella children organization supporting the children’s voices has started to encourage reading in schools as fun.

Further to this, a conference dubbed Nairobi Children’s Conference with the main theme ‘reading for fun’ is scheduled on the 29th October at the Railways Club. 

Mr Timothy Ekesa, Director KAACR speaking at a Breakfast meeting held a t a Nairobi hotel on October 18 and attended by AMWIK among other invited organizations said: “Indeed, this is an opportunity for children to raise issues that affect them, celebrate children’s creativity and empower them to educate other children.”

Mr Ekesa further said the Children’s Voices conference is a forum that was started by ‘Children for Children’, a UK based charity organization in collaboration with Childlife Trust. 

Children Voices 2011 is being organized by the National NGO Child Rights Committee whose secretariat is at the KAACR in partnership with Save the Children, Compassion International, International Child Support (ICS), Scan Group, EXP Momentum, Kensta Group and a number of publishing houses.