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Member News

AMWIK Sacco is Growing

We as AMWIK have registered the AMWIK SACCO LTD, a limited company existing under AMWIK, aimed at promoting the economic and social welfare of its members. Since it’s inception in 2014, SACCO members have been party to a myriad of favourable benefits that come with being a part of this savings cooperative.
SACCO members can obtain low interest, long and short term loans based on their savings, which are processed in record time while also being allowed access to emergency loans. SACCO members also get to enjoy low interest rates on all loans borrowed and high interest rates on the savings made.


“Saving is monetarily voluntary unlike other SACCOs which prescribe a fixed depositing amount. The prompt response to loan requests has also made being part of this SACCO a satisfying experience,” Lorna, one of the SACCO Members, commented.


As SACCO members they are awarded access to free networking and training events such as the “JIKOKOA Initiative” which gave AMWIK members the opportunity to buy “JIKOKOA” charcoal stoves at reduced prices in 2017.This also includes access to education, training and information aimed at growth in personal, family and community levels through CSR programmes.

The SACCO is open to all AMWIK members who seek financial empowerment through savings and investments and need a safe space they can rely on to protect their investments and help their money grow.
Join the AMWIK SACCO today at only Kshs. 3000 at registration and commit to a regular minimum savings amount of Kshs. 1, 000 and watch your savings grow!

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