AMWIK Protests Coverage of Hon. Ngilu in the Star Newspaper

To The Public Editor,

The Association of Media Women in Kenya, (AMWIK) wishes to protest to the gender insensitive photograph of Hon Charity Ngilu carried in your newspaper  dated Wednesday 5th December 2012 (pg. 3). The focus on Honorable and presidential candidate Charity Ngilu’s legs in your newspaper is an indication that the media is still objectifying and reducing women in politics to  sex objects for admiration rather than women of integrity and  substance.

AMWIK is concerned that this kind of coverage trivializes and ghettoizes women in politics in this day and era when we are calling for gender balance and gender sensitive reporting. AMWIK through your newspaper, The Star has been carrying stories on women aspirants  in an attempt to raise their profiles and visibility.

This is also as a strategy to sensitize and mobilize the public to support women leadership nationally as we approach the 4th March  2013 general election. The kind of coverage seen on the Wednesday’s paper contributes to further stereotyping of women as objects of admiration even though, I want to believe,  that was not the  intended effects.

Your paper has been doing a fantastic job supporting women with very informative, balanced and persuasive articles on women and gender equality in general.  We note with a lot of reservations that this kind of coverage negates all these initiatives including those of your media house which has been producing very informative and positive news on women politicians.

We therefore appeal to you to be sensitive in your reporting style and would appreciate a public apology for publishing such an insensitive picture.

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