AMWIK Mentors 10 Young Women Aspirants on Political Participation for 2017 General Elections

Project: Enhancing Women’s Representation and Participation in Public and Political Spheres

Partners: Diakonia, Ford Foundation, The Africa in Me Network

Target Area: Kwale County

Towards the end of 2015, AMWIK facilitated a 3-day educational trip for ten young women aspirants from Kwale County to visit Nairobi County as part of a mentorship programme carried out by the organization.

Through its gender and governance programme, AMWIK is committed to increasing women’s representation in both private and public offices, particularly in the political sphere. In this light, AMWIK held the leadership session as part of mentoring for young women aspirants to prepare them for the 2017 general elections.

TNA coordinatorThe mentorship programme was held under AMWIK’s project “Enhancing Women’s Representation and Participation in Public and Political Spheres.” It was implemented in Isiolo and Kwale Counties sponsored by Diakonia and the Ford Foundation.

During this session, the young women aspirants were taken through intensive training on various aspects of leadership including how to create an effective political strategy, how to create networks and how to position themselves strategically within political parties. They also received insights on how to engage the media during campaigns as well as how to package themselves to the electorate.

The young women later participated in the African Union National Consultation Forum on The role of young women in political participation in Africa organized by AMWIK and the Africa in Me Network.

Abigael AmbiyoAMWIK and the Africa in Me Network had initially been selected by the office of political affairs to hold a forum for young people in political party’s youth wings to deliberate on young people’s participation in political parties.

After the training sessions, the young aspirants had an afternoon session with Hon Zuleikha Hassan, a nominated Member of Parliament who shared her journey into political leadership. They also visited the Senate and the National Assembly where they got an opportunity to interact with members of senate and parliament respectively before visiting ODM and TNA offices.

After this session, AMWIK shared the experiences of its work in Kwale and Isiolo Counties at the African Union Kenya consultation forum with young women leaders from different youth and women leagues in different political parties in the country.

The consultation forum addressed the current trends, challenges and prospects of youth participation and leadership in political parties with a special focus on young women.

ODM offices                                  The mentees at ODM offices in Nairobi


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