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Gender and Governance Programme

AMWIK holds Public/Peace Forums in Laikipia and Samburu Counties in support of Women Candidates

Ilpolei Forum attracted over 300 women drawn from from Ilpolei, Nyahururu, Il Ngwesi, Kimanjo, Doldol, Nanyuki, Lekiji and Segera areas in Laikipia County. Women candidates included Jane Putonoi a Deputy Governor running mate for Nderitu Muriithi, Elizabeth Muriuki representing Jane Wangechi Kagiri a Woman Representative Candidate in Laikipia County, Alice Njoki a County women representative candidate in Laikipia county and Tabitha Wairimu a woman County Ward Representative candidate in Segera Ward Laikipikia North Constituency.

The women shared the importance of electing women in government so as to reap the benefits of development. Tabitha a candidate vying for Segera Ward, presented her agenda to the women saying she would fight for women and children rights in her Ward. She encouraged her fellow women to vote women in together as women had the majority numbers.  Tabitha had been challenged by her community to take up a leadership position in the ward because of her track record in the ward. “I would like to encourage the women here today to take up leadership challenges when called upon by the community to serve them.” Tabitha advised the forum on the importance of co-existing among communities. She informed the forum; she had adopted two children from a different community tribe and had never seen them as from another tribe but her own children.
Young women were also encouraged to continue with the same vigor as exuded by Alice Njoki, a candidate vying for the women representative position.

Ann Wairimu a woman leader from Segera echoed the sentiments of the other women guests on the importance of being united as women. ‘We are invited here from different groups to learn from one another and find ways of supporting each other.” She encouraged the women to turn up in large numbers on March 4 to go out and vote and own up to that right of participating in a very important process. She begged them to take the whole day off and not to go herd so as to be part of history in voting for women.  Tabitha encouraged the women not to vote for the political party but for an individual because each person had a different agenda. She added that Laikipia at least needed 3 women to present their interest at the national hence the need to vote them in. See Pictures here

‘Nakito’- Madam Honourable
It was celebration for the women in Waso ward to support one of their own in leadership. Singing and dancing in jubilation for Rebecca Samaria Lolosoli, the women praised and encouraged her vowing to vote for her.  An elderly male elder applauded Rebecca for the courageous move in vying for a leadership position against 6 men.  “We need to give women our votes they understand the water and animals problems better than we do. No man understands such problems.” He Said.

A church representative expressed the need to pray for the leaders he pleaded with the public to embrace women leadership. “Women have suffered for so long let’s not be people of discrimination. I believe Rebecca has potential and she can deliver. The representative reminded the community that Samburu culture referred to their wives as ‘Nakito’ meaning honorable so he posed the question why is it that the men call their women ‘Nakito’ everyday and they don’t want to elect them as ‘Nakito’ ?He asked.

Rebecca asked them to vote for her to get more power to work for them. Rebecca had been supporting women entrepreneurship in Waso where some of the women groups had bought camping sites for tourists and were using the facilities to entertain them with Samburu dances and songs. She had sponsored over 50 children to go for their high school education and has brought in donors and visitors from abroad to support community projects in her area. See pictures here

Peace and co-existence

In Baragoi, the public came out in large numbers in support of Jacinta Alimlim a County Ward Representative Candidate for Nachola Ward in Samburu North constituency, Samburu County.  The forum had brought together communities from Marti, Nachola and Legetei areas in Samburu South Constituency.
There was song and dance in Turkana from different women groups praying Jacinata for her bold move and praying for peace among the community. The morans joined the women and performed a Turkana wedding song bring the men and women together. The dance was performed after a cow had been killed. The dance symbolized that the men were ready to work with Jacinta for development.

Jacinta the first Turkana woman Councilor to be elected in Samburu County had a track record to boost in her community. He had helped in construction of impassable roads in Nachola, had helped built 3 primary schools, revived a borehole and had supported 110 children with Bursaries. She had also assisted the women in forming merry go rounds where the women would buy and sell goats in the market for profit and had also assisted the youth in getting them manual jobs for 300 per day.

Chief Ekwar expressed her gratitude with the turnout and appreciated the platform for both men and women to be together in the interest of Jacinta. Simon Lopeiyok a clan elder from Marti was happy that it was safe and secure. Simon who is a Turkana had come with samburu guests among them women. “This is the kind of peace that we need, a Samburu and Turkana living in harmony.  He said. We have come to challenge the people of Nachola and Logetei to embrace their neighbors, the samburu just like the Samburu’s have embraced the Turkana’s in Marti. In Marti the Turkanas and Samburu’s are more united. “He said. He urged the community to elect a woman. “Women have hearts for their own people; they will go looking for bursaries for their children’s education. Men don’t look for bursaries so am here to encourage you to vote for a person who has a heart for you.  Women I would encourage you to use your vote to vote for your woman and not to be intimidated by your men.”

In thanking the community, Jacinta expressed her gratitude to AMWIK for the support they had accorded her, the performances and the words of encouragement. “I can only let my track record prove for itself. When I got nominated as a councilor you came to me and told me what you’d like done for you. The five years I was in office I did a lot I partnered with NGOs and government to bring development in this area. There was no place I neglected and so I have come to you one more time to ask for your vote. I will have more power to help you like I did before and you will not regret.” She said. Jacinta biggest support has been her husband who has always encouraged her to vie for a leadership position. See pictures here

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