The Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) calls for the protection of media freedom in Kenya according to Article 34 of the Constitution, and be allowed to carry out their work as the messengers of different voices of Kenyans.

We are concerned by the Kenya Editor’s Guild reports that there have been active efforts to control media coverage and dissemination of information related to the current political events. These allegations are given credence by the act of switching off signals of all major television broadcasting channels – Citizen TV, Inooro TV, NTV and KTN News channels in the morning hours of 30th January 2018.

AMWIK condemns Government action to shut down the transmission by the above media houses and urges the Government to rescind its decision.

We stand in solidarity with all the women and men of Kenya who work to keep Kenyans informed and call on the government to ensure that they are protected as they perform their duty on behalf of the public.

AMWIK also calls for an agenda setting by the media that will help remove Kenya out of the dilemma that it finds itself in towards “dwelling in unity, peace and liberty” . May “Plenty be found within our borders” for all Kenyans.

Dr. Dorothy Njoroge

(Board Chairperson, Association of Media Women in Kenya)



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