A socially Keen Woman Redefining the Tech Space

By Yvonne Mwende

Technology has revolutionized over the years. Essential software for enterprises is no longer the in-thing, no-touch interfaces with sensors and intelligent back-end systems continue to dominate and change the evolution of technology. With this evolution women have evolved and elbowed their way into the tech spaces. As women empowerment continues to take root, women have discovered unlimited potential within themselves to venture in to territories that were unimaginable for them.

Yvonne Oluoch is one such woman, founder of Socially Keen Individuals Redefining Tech Spaces (SKIRTS), an initiative to address cyber insecurity and cyber bullying within the Kenyan online. The idea was birthed from the#IncYOUbateIT competition developed and hosted by Making All Voices Count. The competition had two categories; ‘Tech for Change’ and ‘Securing women’s spaces online’, Yvonne opted for the later.

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