86 and Counting : Women Leaders in Kenya’s 11th Parliament

The Constitution of Kenya 2010 set the legal framework for promoting gender equality, which has seen a record eighty six women elected and nominated to the eleventh Parliament. This number surpasses the total number of women representatives in the fifty years of independence combined. The marked progress, a result of years of hard work by different stakeholders in the women’s movement, deserves celebration.


AMWIK has documented the individual stories of the women parliament in the book 86 and Counting: Women Leaders in Kenya’s 11th Parliament. The publication provides an opportunity for women legislators to gain national and international visibility and support. It tells the journeys of the women to leadership as well as their contribution to Kenyan politics, and the development of the country.

This work enriches our understanding of the challenges and complexities that women face as they find their space within the realm of leadership that is predominantly male. We believe that these inspiring stories will spur more women to the center of political leadership.

The publication of the book was made possible by support from UN Women and Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Download the book from the link below

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