AMWIK Launches Information Center in Malindi

AMWIK has launched an information and resource center for women in Malindi Constituency, Kilifi County.  The center which is equipped with new computers, a printer and internet connectivity will go a long way in helping women access information on global issues and assist in sourcing for government services such as the UWEZO fund application forms and Women Enterprise Fund information. The women were trained on computer packages and have opened the center for computer trainings to the public as a way of generating income and sustainability.

The Women’s plan is to train on social media and online marketing strategies to access markets locally and internationally for their products which includes maasai sandals and baskets made from recycled polythene papers and reeds.

This is the third resource center that AMWIK has established in its projects areas since 2012. The 1st recourse center was established in Maiella location in Nakuru County, while the second is in Kilifi North Constituency in Kilifi County.  The Malindi Constituency Information Center is supported by Ford Foundation.



AMWIK Publishes Simplified Media Laws Handbook

AMWIK has yet again released another publication, a journalists handbook on Laws Governing Media in Kenya a simplified version of the Media Council Act, 2013 and the Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Act 2013.

The easy-to-read and understand handbook on media laws is a tool targeting to empower journalists and strengthen their ethical capacity, with a view to cushioning them against legal penalties during work and further enabling them to promote access to information, especially to marginalized women.

Levels of awareness on existing media laws by journalists is very low and yet it impacts on their work. AMWIK held two journalists trainings in Nairobi and Kilifi Counties to sensitize them on the Media Council Act 2013 and the Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Act 2013.   The trainings highlighted on the key provisions of the two laws covered in the publication which touch on ethics and penalties that come with disregarding the ethical requirements for the practice of journalism.

journalists Training

The publication was made possible with support from the Ford Foundation under the Strengthening the Role of Women Journalists in Mainstream Media and in Communities project implemented by AMWIK in 2014.


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