Politicians, Think About the Women

By Brenda Chipo

The international women’s day is around the corner, always celebrated every 8th of March. This year we urge our politicians to have a heart for women.

Have the women benefited in the past? Think about it before you say; yes or no. As a politician, put up something visible for women to benefit especially the ones who give new life. Be the one to take away the saying that ‘in a day one Matatu aka Taxi of women die when they are struggling to give birth.’

Politicians are now looking for votes since elections are around the corner, and many are going to promise their voters heaven and earth just like in past.

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Through training, coaching, mentoring, networking and research, our organisation is seeking to develop a new cadre of African leaders, well rounded in community, national and global issues over a 3-year period. The initiative responds to the recognised fact that Africa’s slow progress in development stems in part from a limited quality of visionary, well rounded and business oriented leadership, a false dichotomy between development work and human rights advocacy, as well as the lack of a critical number of women in leadership and decision making. Through this initiative we will be bringing together prominent, recognized African leaders in diverse sectors (from the Arts and Media, to Business and Finance, to Politics and Community) to mentor a few exclusively selected women and men in five African countries over a 3 year period.

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