Who Can Be A Member?

  • Any woman pursuing a career in Journalism, Communication, Public Relations or a related field.
  • Membership is divided into two categories i.e.  Kshs.3,000 for non-students or Khs.1,500 for students.NOTE: This fee is payable every year as an annual subscription.

Why Join AMWIK?

Among the benefits of being an AMWIK member are:

  • Receiving email correspondence which includes job openings, consultancies and fellowship opportunities.
  • Benefiting from the AMWIK Scholarship Fund.
  • Participating in AMWIK’s activities including production of radio programs; research; writing articles /editing /graphic design and layout of newsletters and publications.
  • Representing AMWIK at seminars and meetings; and sharing skills with other members.
  • Participating in local, regional or international exchange programs.
  • Receiving mentorship from more experienced AMWIK members who are professionals in the industry.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals.
  • Participating in team building activities.
  • Training and capacity building workshops organized for members based on needs assessments.
  • Use of the AMWIK resource center (free of charge).
  • Internship opportunities.

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