Bravo AMWIK!

I am grateful to AMWIK for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences as a scholarship beneficiary. I strongly believe that this type of solidarity among people of similar interests is of great value because it enables us to learn from each other.

To start with I will say AMWIK has been my mother. I am a product of this noble association. I joined the organization way back in 2002 when I was a young student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and looking back I can say I have really grown. AMWIK has nurtured me so well as a baby, introduced me to gender issues and made me a perfect champion and advocate of women and children.

The AMWIK scholarship which I received in 2004 helped me to gain knowledge and skills to become a professional. The degree in Social Communication from Tangaza College an affiliate college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa that I received has opened up my horizon, increased my marketability and enabled gain international exposure. It gave me the chance to update myself and keep abreast with the fast changing world of communication.

At a personal level it gave me the fulfillment and self confidence acquired with better education. The scholarship has been a means to that end.  The skills and knowledge acquired has impacted my way of working positively and contribute to the delivery of both results and products.

My fellow peers in the media should see this as a proof that opportunities do exist for further development and consolidate on their career. Perseverance, the right attitude and a strong will can help reap huge benefits; both personal and professional.

Being a woman in a world being dominated by men requires more self esteem and strong character. Let us share our experience and support each other to bring forth the important role of women in the media.

The senior members of the association acted as our guardians and counselors. People like Pamela Mburia, Lillian Nduta and Jane Thuo have really supported me during my days in AMWIK. Their guidance proved a success. I would love to encourage my fellow women journalists to join AMWIK as it is a backbone and support centre for women journalists.

I salute you all. Thanks you very much.

Speech by Redemtor Atieno, Communications and Network Officer, Health Action International Africa during AMWIK fundraising dinner on 30th October 2009.