Call for participation 2015- Kenya National Conversations on Young Women’s Participation and Leadership in Political Parties in Africa

AMWIK in partnership with The Africa in Me have been selected by the AU Department of political affairs to hold national conversations in Kenya under the theme “Youth Participation in Political Parties in Africa: Special focus on young women.” The conversations are geared towards the Youth Pre-Forum to the 2015 (4th) High level Dialogue (HLD) on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance to be held in Kigali, Rwanda on the 26th-27th of November 2015. The theme of the Youth Consultation is linked to that of the 2015 Dialogue under the theme “Women’s Equal Participation and Leadership in Political Parties in Africa.”

The National conversations will aim at:-

·         Sharing evidence-based knowledge and analysis on youth and particularly young women’s participation in Kenya
·         Sharing lessons, experiences and practices on the roles of young people in fostering accountable, responsive and effective governance in Kenya
·         Assessing the effectiveness of the existing participatory structures of youth and particularly young women in political parties
·         Identifying the specific roles of state and non state actors as well as national development partners towards strengthening youth engagement in democratic governance.

AMWIK and Africa in Me will host the national conversation forum with young women aspirants titled I Decide Kenya National Youth Consultation on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in Africa: Trends, Challenges and Prospects.

The forum will take place on Monday 12th October 2015 starting 8.30 am-1.00 pm.

To participate in the forum participants will be required to download the form  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION  and submit by Thursday 8th October 2015.