AMWIK held its Annual General Meeting for the year 2021 in a virtual ceremony graced by over 57 members. This was a significant event since it was the current board members’ last AGM in a sitting capacity and was the first for new Executive Director, Judie Kaberia. As usual, the AGM was held as per Article 45 of the AMWIK constitution.

The members got to listen to the reports from the chairperson and secretary as well as the financial report from the external auditors. Some of the key highlights included:

·The organization had moved location from Kirichwa road to Mbaruk road within the year.

·AMWIK has been able to provide more support to members through story grants as well as train and link members with diverse opportunities.

·The secretariat had been strengthened over the last year after the former Executive Director, Marceline Nyambala resigned in June 2021 and was succeeded by Judie Kaberia. The appointments of Mark Rabudi and Denis Mbau into the secretariat were also commended.

·Within the time that the new Executive Director had been appointed, AMWIK’s visibility had greatly improved.

·The organization was advancing from a partnership point of view with new partnerships taking centre stage. AMWIK has been spearheading advocacy activities and workshops on safeguarding women on issues of sexual harassment in the media.

·AMWIK’s rebranding process had been completed and will be rolled out in Quarter 1 next year as we commemorate our 40 years of existence.

·AMWIK has experienced improved financial stability due to increased donor funding.

·Judie Kaberia acknowledged the support she had received so far and gave positive affirmation on the direction the organization was taking.

·She announced new partnerships the organization had achieved including notably signing an MOU with the Media Council of Kenya(MCK). She expressed her desire to drive the organization to greater heights and commended the members of the secretariat for their selfless service.

·The elections committee is concluding the elections voter register and informed members that the elections, which had been earlier postponed will take place on 20th November 2021.

-Members were advised to send in their applications for board member positions.

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